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What is Accreditation UK?

Accreditation UK is a quality assurance scheme for schools, colleges, and universities which offer courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

The scheme gives an assurance of quality to international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course in the UK.

Their external inspections assure that all accredited centres meet or exceed the agreed quality standards in management, resources and environment, teaching, welfare and (where applicable) care of under 18s .

Accreditation UK aims to give an assurance of quality to international students who are studying or planning to study English language in the UK. This is achieved by external inspection, ensuring that centres which are accredited through the Scheme meet agreed quality standards.

If accredited centres fail to meet the standards set out in the Scheme, Accreditation UK has a range of options to address these issues.

Centres are only awarded British Council accreditation after demonstrating that they meet the Scheme criteria. They also need to meet the following obligations to maintain their accredited status:

  • maintain a high level of service to international students in line with Scheme standards and contribute to the high reputation of UK English language teaching

  • promote and protect the name of Accreditation UK

  • share responsibility for providing alternative English language courses, at no additional cost, to students affected by the sudden closure of a local accredited provider

  • apply for re-inspection every four years

  • keep the British Council informed about any significant change, for example a change of premises or key staff

  • pay their annual fee and provide us with an annual declaration and a copy of any promotional materials

  • respond to complaints and co-operate with the complaints process

  • work within the spirit of the Scheme with integrity and professionalism.

How are the standards enforced?     

Accredited centres are subjected to a full inspection every four years. From the annual declaration we can see if there have been any significant changes. If there are any, a spot check inspection will be arranged to ensure that the requirements of the Scheme continue to be met. Also, a percentage of accredited centres are selected at random each year to undergo an unannounced inspection (interim inspection).