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First Class Schools attract students from many different countries around the world. Here you will meet students from South America, Europe and Asia. This means you will have a wonderful rich experience and can make new international friends or business contacts. If you are looking for an English language course, you are in the right place.

Why you can choose a First Class school with confidence:

  • Schools are selected from the best independent Schools throughout the UK & Ireland

  • Teachers’ qualifications and experience are very important for each school

  • There is a wide choice of courses in the BEST school network, you can find the perfect course for you

  • There are QE schools in many different types of town and city

  • You can also study for International examinations.

How to start the process

Send an email to explain your requirements (e.g. course type, location) and dates of travel to:


You can download and complete a Pre Course Questionnaire to send too.

  • We will reply and oversee the whole booking process, helping with advice and practicalities such as visa applications where necessary.

  • We will be in contact with you regularly and will visit you if requested to talk about your experience and check that everything is excellent.

  • We will take up any issues you may have with the school management

  • This service is free for you because we are paid by the schools.