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Welcome to My Language Agency

I'm Craig Stevens and I live in Bristol, one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

I've been fortunate to have successfully taught and tested English all over the world including Spain, Italy, Mexico, China, Japan, Senegal, Canada, the US and the UK.


I have been involved in EFL over two decades as an international schools group manager, director of studies, teacher, teacher trainer, examiner, materials designer and resources consultant in primary and colleges, universities and private language schools. I estimate that I have successfully helped thousands of students from many nationalities and walks of life.

I am here to help you get ahead for free!

During my successful career, many people have asked me “Which school should I study at?” My answer is always: “The best ones”. That is what my language agency is all about – all the schools on this website have been selected as they offer excellence.

I truly believe that a positive life experience and potentially qualifications to make a difference to your career await you once you decide to trust me to find the best school for your language needs, time and budget.

I can provide details on the points of excellence and strengths of the schools as well as information about their courses, social programmes, accommodation and their locations. At these schools I guarantee you progression so that you can really see the difference when you return home.  Using my experience and knowledge from over 20 years of providing excellence for my students I am here to help you realise your ambitions by helping you choose where you can learn the skills you need to become a confident and successful user of English.

My service is free. By registering with me, you are guaranteed excellent advice and help for free. I earn through commission from the schools. That's right. You do not pay me anything.

Let's get going!

Why Choose a First Class School?

All First Class schools are based in the UK/ Ireland and offer exceptional service, unique character and a wide range of courses.

We take quality control very seriously and regularly monitor the quality of all our English language schools through student feedback, agent references and accreditation results. These must be of an excellent and consistent standard.

How do we Choose the Schools?

They must be independent and accredited by Accreditation UK (The British Council). Feedback from students and agents is monitored to ensure that students are very happy with their courses.

We visit the schools and this visit includes:

  • References from agents or corporate clients

  • Checking the support and monitoring systems that are in place for student feedback and for dealing with complaints

  • Reading and checking the most recent accreditation report

  • Speaking to the school manager

  • Speaking to the senior teacher/ education director about the qualifications of teachers and the academic standards


Whichever destination you choose, you will enjoy learning in a school with fantastic community spirit, convenient city centre location and a great student experience.